I think of myself as an artist. I use a variety of mediums but my favorite is my camera. I love the process of creating an image which is only a tiny part of the world. A face, a gesture, a moment, a scene; frozen and then presented back to the viewer. It is a passion and an addiction.

I began my photographic life at age 9 with a Brownie while at summer camp. I progressed to a Hawkeye Instamatic, then to a Yashica, a Nikon and now I shoot with a Canon. All those names are stepping stones and when I think of them, I think of old friends.
My primary work for hire is children's portraiture. Spending a day with a child or with a school full of children is my idea of heaven. Capturing an expression on the face of a child is the only way I know of preserving a moment in time to give as a gift to that child's parents. "You captured my child !" is the phrase that makes my work joyful.

I love photographing the love that you can feel at a wedding. I love sneaking an image of an intimate moment between family members to create a real family portrait. I love creating an image that makes you believe you just heard laughter, or that makes your breath catch in your throat, and I love it when the subject of a portrait I have taken tells me: " I never thought I was beautiful until today."

We all want to make a difference. I want my images to change the way you see something in your world, even if it is yourself.
Pamela J. Nelligan
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